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Hip Hop Instrumental 2015 – “Toast For Life”

New Rap/R&B beat called “Toast For Life“.


Non-exclusive cost: $35.95

Free tagged download: >>> Toast For Life (Tagged)


Youtube: Hip Hop Instrumental 2015



2015 Detox Dr. Dre type beat “Energy”

Check out this Detox type beat called “Energy“.

Non-exclusive cost: $35.95

Free tagged download: >>> Energy (Tagged)

Youtube: 2015 Dr. Dre Type Beat


Energy-Driven Hip Hop Beat – “High Speed”

Check out this beat called “High Speed”. Sounds like it could be in a “Fast & Furious” movie.



‘Detox’ Dr. Dre type beat – “Freeze”

This is a Dr. Dre Detox type beat. It has a club vibe and has a very strong bass kick.

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Non-exclusive cost: $35.95

Free tagged download: >>> Freeze (Tagged)


Drake type beat – “Finally Free”

Here’s a R&B/Hip Hop beat which sounds like a “Nothing Was The Same” track by Drake, that could’ve been produced by Pharrell.

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Non-exclusive cost: $35.95

Free tagged download: >>> Finally Free (Tagged)


Chris Brown type beat – “That Girl”

Got a new R&B instrumental for you guys. It’s a Chris Brown type and the beat is called “That Girl”.  If you enjoy the beat, support it by clicking the “share” button.

Non-exclusive cost: $35.95

Free tagged download: >>> That Girl (Tagged)


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Latest Instrumental – “I Gotchu”

Here’s the latest uploaded beat called “I Gotchu”. You can get the non-exclusive license for $35.95. If you like it, you can share it by clicking the “share” button.

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Rap Instrumentals For Sale – “I’m Fly”

Check out this new beat i uploaded, called “I’m Fly”. You can lease the non-exclusive beat for $35.95. The premium lease for $65.95, or you can buy exclusive rights for $2000.

Listen to the beat:

Rap Instrumentals For Sale – “I’m Fly”


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